VRoh en

Unity 5.3.2 is necessary or a later version

- Has created only in C # the minimum functions necessary to easy for those who want to VR.
- C # is possible to easily customize because only .
- Using the gyro function in the Android smartphone is operating .

- Gyro (Android、iOS)
- 2 eye , 1 eye (Android、iOS)
- Gyro with reset function (Android、iOS)
- Reload with function (Android、iOS)
- Simple with character controller (Android)


1. First , please prepare the project data that you have made .

2. Then you read the VRoh.

3. VRoh>VRoh_demo since the Load
 Even two VR_UI and VR_Player and Copy select .

4. And Paste reads the scene data that you have made .

5. Remove the Main Camera , which was in the Hierarchy .
 In the Inspector of VR_Player, in the File Name of Restart Key (Script)
 Specify the name of the file to be read again . (Main here)

6.File>BuildSettings… Please Build switch the Platform to iOS or Android.

that's all.

C # following the script that was created in Contains .
Androjyro.cs-------Script for the gyro
Ccontroller.cs-----Simple character controller
LensSwitc.cs-------one camera , two camera switching
RestartKey.cs------Re-Loading of the file
ShowHide.cs--------Display hidden buttons
CamPos.cs----------Parallax adjustment

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